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The SPYGAME Trilogy

The political history of the past fifty years is entwined in a continuing story which follows a set of characters from World War II, Korea, the Hollywood Left Trials, the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, the demise of the Cold War and the continuing era of the Shadow War carried out subtly and stealthily by foreign agents and domestic fellow travelers bent on the total destruction of our freedom and the absolute subjugation of our will.

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A Powerful Read


Huge caverns are discovered near Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.
What made the caverns in the first place is terrifying, but now a handful of people don't want the news to leak out and that could be a disaster.


Lots of terrific stories in this new anthology.
Check out
The Yellow Jag.

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The Johnny Casino Casebook 1 -
Past Imperfect
Book Trailer

The Johnny Casino Casebook 2 -
Looking for Johnny Nobody

Book Trailer

The Johnny Casino Casebook 3 -
Just Shoot Me
Book Trailer

HEDGE BET Book Trailer

Damning Evidence Book Trailer

From Light TO DARK Book Trailer


Also Short Stories appearing in these publications:

LAndmarked For Murder CoverDying in a Winter WonderlandLittle Sisters


Comedy Tragedy
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