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------ First in the Ginger Caulfield Mysteries------

A Hollywood Murder in Black and White
Black action hero, Desmond Williams, the screen's meanest good guy, is accused of murdering his ex-wife and her gay companion. His lawyer, Malvin Shepherd, is a white bigot who uses every trick in the book to get him off.

Former private detective Ginger Caulfield gets a jury summons in her mailbox. "Oh, expletive deleted," she says. Guess who ends up on the jury? When they are sequestered and jurors start dying, Ginger fights back with the help of a male juror whose past doesn't exist. And he seems to know some of the same tricks the defense attorney is using.

The media plays both sides. Their endless stream of experts provides analysis that is half-baked, some is wishful thinking, and a smattering is sheer poppycock. When the rumor mill kicks into gear, the public is treated to analysis of the poppycock. Their evening news assumptions become the morning headlines. But some journalists do more than just slant their stories.

Black female prosecutor, Johnnie Greer, has to fight something even tougher than Malvin Shepherd, and someone near her isn't making it any easier. The District Attorney is facing reelection. If he blows the case, he'll lose the election. Malvin Shepherd tosses in his monkey wrenches. The feeding frenzy begins. You have to wonder how much is being leaked from the D.A.'s office and what has sprung forth from defense counsel's well-oiled machine. The case impacts everybody.

Before it's over, each has to ask: "What do I value most?"

The Logline:
Racially charged Hollywood homicides bring private detective out of retirement when she ends up on a killer jury.

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