Fifty Years of Spying....

The trilogy, SPYGAME, isn't just another spy novel. The political history of the past fifty years is entwined in a continuing story that follows a set of characters from World War II, Korea, the Hollywood Left Trials, the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, the demise of the Cold War and the continuing era of the Shadow War carried out subtly and stealthily by foreign agents and domestic fellow travelers bent on the total destruction of our freedom and the absolute subjugation of our will.

Fifty Years of Seduction....

Throughout our young country's history, especially the last fifty years, America has been constantly seduced by the Siren's Song, whether she sings of 'world peace', 'saving the children' or' trust me, it's for your own good'. When the ‘Big Lie' took permanent root in this country, several government agencies worked diligently to expose their source, usually to a chorus of "Witch Hunt Boogie".

The SPYGAME trilogy chronicles one man's hunt for the weavers of these lies. His catchphrase is: ‘Know Your Enemy'. You defeat him by knowing where he comes from, anticipating his moves, and being there first....with a bigger stick.

. . . .The Odd Man

. . . DRY Bones


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